Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Ack! Thbbbt! Theories of MakeUp and Skin Care

1) It isn't the color or composition of the makeup that determines the appearance of one's face. Instead, it is the mode of application of said makeup that alters one's appearance.

In English: It's how you gently massage your face as you apply the makeup that makes the difference. If you went through the same motions (patting, rubbing, smoothing) with the same sponges and brushes, stimulating all the little blood vessels in your skin, you would get the same results. The problem is that we won't take the time to massage all the areas equally because we can't see which areas have been adequately tended to.
We need the makeup so we can see which areas we've missed.

2) Skin care lotions, washes, etc. are not chemically able to affect change on skin areas to which it is applied but rather change the applicator.

In English: All those lotions, etc. that you spread around with your bare hands actually numb the surface of your fingers. So, when you touch the areas you have applied the lotions to, your fingers tell you there is smoothness where there is none.
(I can't prove this one yet... but my keyboard is remarkably silky smooth.)


DogsDontPurr said...

Ha! I think you've been watching too many infomercials!

Richmond said...

I hope that all of your new goodies make you happy - even if they don't speak english...