Monday, March 03, 2008

To the co-worker with the cell phone

Get. A. Friggin'. Room.

Oh, that's right. You have one!
It's called your office.
Please use it.

Just because you can be mobile with your cell phone, doesn't mean you must be wandering the hallways having a conversation.
You look like an @ss.

I know. Your livelihood lives and dies by your cell phone.
But when you walk into a room talking at the top of your voice to the invisible person attached to your ear, do you even realize you barged in on a conversation? No? Hm, the nasty glares bounced right off you, too.

By the way, standing outside the women's bathroom (where you think you're having a private conversation), grunting "uh huh" "mm hmm" is very disconcerting for the woman inside the bathroom.

And you know what?
You swear.
A lot.

Go sit at your desk.
You're being rude.

Meanwhile, the rest of us are drawing straws to see who gets to club your BlueTooth... while you're wearing it.


ragingmom said...

Oh can I relate! In my office, I monitor MY cell phone, 4 incoming lines, a company radio and a CB for my drivers. I have a huge sign asking everyone ELSE to take their cell phone calls outside, as I have alot of noise to monitor all on my own.

I might as well talk to the wall.

Priscilla said...

Use to be guys scratching private places in public places and women with toooooo much perfume. Now it's cell phones.

Now it's guys scratching private places in public places and women with toooo much perfume on cell phones.

What's next?

tammi said...

No excuse for that kind of behavior.

I also live and die by my cell phone, and I try - don't always succeed - to leave the area to have my conversation.

Like i said - I try, cause rude people on cell phones? Push every bad button there is for me......

Put me in the drawing for the clubbing. Might help with my stress relief.