Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Then why bother?


The whole reason I started walking last year was because I took a physical at work. My score was darned near a perfect 100 except for cholesterol. The nurse told me that exercise would probably get rid of most of the bad cholesterol since everything else appeared fine. (Any medical professionals out there that can tell me if this is right?)

So, I walked.
Every morning.

It was never about losing weight, which is good because I never lost any.
I figured I was building muscle which weighs more than fat, so I was even.

It was about the cholesterol.

And when the annual physical at work came up again this year, I thought, "I am going to kick ass on this test."

My score went down.

Not only had my bad cholesterol worsened, my blood pressure absolutely sucked.
Granted, I wasn't feeling well the day of the physical and had left work early. I was feeling guilty for cutting in line to take my test sooner. That's how I'm explaining away the blood pressure.

But the cholesterol...

Do you know?
Is exersize supposed to eliminate bad cholesterol?
Was I walking for all the wrong reasons?

Because right now, I'm wondering why I should even care to get on the treadmill ever again.


Richmond said...

I don't know about exercise - but eating oatmeal everyday helps!

Otherwise, dang - that sucks. :(

Tammi said...

What Richmond said...Oatmeal darlin'. It really does help. Promise.