Monday, March 10, 2008

The Scout situation update

I have since deleted the post, but some of you may remember my concern over the 10-year-old's Cub Scout den falling apart and the little devil child who taunted my kid in school.

Again, I *so* appreciate the support and good advice you gave.

You are all awesome!

Wanted to let you know that the situation has been resolved simply because the den has crossed over to Boy Scouts this weekend.

There were no issues over unfinished requirements. Our pack is pretty lenient. They focus on participation rather than specific activities.

Devil child's dad, as den leader, really had done a decent job working with what he had. His wife had even crafted a pair of truly lovely arrows suitable for display for each of the boys to remember their time in Cub Scouts.

But the best part?

During the cross-over ceremony, with only two boys crossing over, the leaders from two different city troops stood up to make their presentations.

I leaned over and whispered to the husband, "Is our troop leader holding only one book? Or am I just getting my hopes up?"

The devil child has joined a different troop!

"I'm so happy! Is that wrong?" the husband whispered back.

So, long story short; all's well that ends well.


Bou said...

Ours cross over this weekend. Next year, the devil child in our Pack will crossover... happens to be the Den Leader's kid. I'm so hoping the kid goes elsewhere... I'm so hoping.

Priscilla said...