Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Quick note *with update*

Hey A**wipe;

I don't care how "very very sorry" you tell my kid you are.
When your dog bites someone, you don't just walk away.
You give the kid your name and phone number so his parents don't f***ing worry about rabies.
Hell, you follow him home and make sure he gets there okay.

S**t head.


Here's the thing: a dog on a leash bites a kid on his way home from school. By the time the kid gets home, the dog and its owner have moved along on their walk. Even if Dad calls the cops as soon as the boy gets home, no matter how long the kid and his dad drive around town, the dog and owner are gone.
How do you ever find out if the dog has had its shots?

Sure, the owner knows, and he's just fine knowing everything's okay.
But *I* don't. I don't know sh*t.

Fortunately, it was not a bad bite. We had it checked over.
But when you're a parent, it's bad enough. You know what I mean?
I was in full "momma bear" mode and was ready to remove heads with my own hands for rabies tests... both dog's and owner's... and not necessarily in that order.


Mrs. Who said...

Is your boy okay?

Priscilla said...

Holy cow!

I hope he's ok and not scarred physically/emotionally. In our state when a bite is reported the tog can be tagged as aggressive. Should it happen again they may put the dog down. I hate that that happens but people are much more important than dogs.

oddybobo said...

Hope he is ok!

tammi said...

You need backup? I'm only a shout've met me. I can be VERY intimidating with my boots on!!

Seriously - hope everyone is ok....

Thumper said...

Holy the cops if you haven't already. They may be helpful in finding the jerk.

Priscilla said...

If it makes you feel any better, rabies among dogs is pretty rare. There is more of a risk with wild animals like bats, squirrels etc. Because most people vaccinate their dogs it's not such a concern with dog bites. However, if it will make you feel worse, infections from the bites is much more common.

How frustrating that you can't find the dog.

Roses said...

Priscilla: Thank you. That does help. The ER guy told us the same thing... hours of worry later.

Still, I would like to believe most other dog owners would have behaved differently in the same situation.

Teresa said...

I believe what the dog owner did was a crime. If their dog bites they are supposed to have it observed for 3 days (regardless of shots) - it can be done at home, but it's at least 2 vet visits.

I'm just guessing that this dog has bitten more than once and the owner knows the animal will have to be put to sleep.

A good lesson for the kids though - dogs are excellent companions, but never ever get near a dog you don't know.

My sister is a dog walker in NYC - she is driven nearly insane by idiot parents who walk up to her (when she is walking a pack of 5 dogs!!!) and tell their kids to "pet the nice doggie"!!! She yells at them - they're so stupid they don't have the least idea what any of those dogs are like.

She also meets up with people walking their own dogs who have zero control over them - she has to yell at them too. They don't seem to understand that their own dog could start a fight by trying to "mingle" with the group.

*sigh* So many people should never own dogs... ever!

Lemon Stand said...

OH, Roses! I hope your son is OK! Emergency Room Visits SUCK! I sure hope someone catches up with this guy before anyone else gets bit!

Lemon Stand said...

Damn! the more I think about this, I just want to help you fold, spindle and mutilate this guy. Unfortunately, I have to wait til I get back up to my fighting weight... But after that? You just let me know if you ever find him!

Jessie said...

I know that in Georgia, the rabies observation is 10 days, either at home (where someone will be home all day), or boarded (which you have to pay for). I know, because at work we had to board the dog that decided I was a nice snack. I had to go to the ER, to get a tetanus shot and have it cleaned since it bit near my thumb joint.

The dog was put down, though not with the rabies thing. Just turned out to be a neurotic dog. They decided to put the dog down and check the dog's head that way, since they weren't too happy with it anyway. Apparently they don't know the rule: if you're going to board a dog for 2 or more weeks, it's a good idea to socialize them and let them off a boat beforehand.

Hopefully the boy's okay. The owner probably did something illegal, up where you are. Dog bites are supposed to be reported.