Thursday, March 27, 2008

Political Commentary Haiku

Because it is not funny, you will almost never read political crap on my blog. I say "almost never" because this little piece of venting is too close for my own comfort.
I know I'm not the most saavy political analyst, but I try not to advertise my own ignorance... unlike some.

You know what scares me?
Those who base voting choices
By reading some blogs

Blogs are not real news
Even linked to news websites
They're just opinion

News may be slanted
Sure. Research several sources
Instead of complain

Like seeing doctor
You seek second opinion
Till hear what you want

Don't get me started
On news/talk hosts. They only
Care about ratings

Does this make you mad?
It is just my opinion
You see how that works?


C-Man said...

i am with you. too many are going to look at blogs. Read, listen watch CREDIBLE sources.

not just someones opinion

HapKiDo said...

Oh, it's just can get that on network TV any time you tune in.

C-Man said...

that is so true - hapkido. hee hee