Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Housekeeping Quiz

What happens in your house when you get so friggin' tired of cleaning up after people who refuse to clean up after themselves that you finally decide to stop cleaning everything?

a) someone discovers that things are out of place and eventually puts stuff away
b) after a time, someone notices the mess they've made, and they clean it up
c) your spouse asks if you're feeling sick
d) you realize that even dirt can get dirtier because no one does a damn thing


Lee Ann said...

OH! OH! OH! I know! I know!

I've repeatedly tried this's D! The answer is D!

And then you get e) You go on a tirade getting the house clean and lovely once again, and threaten everyone within it that they will be strung up by their pinky toes under penalty of death for not helping to keep it clean for at least 3 days.

(It's the most you can reasonably hope for. ;)

Thumper said...

D...the answer is always D...

Contagion said...

In my house if one person goes on strike, the rest of the house goes on strike.

Tink said...

Answer D for me. Of course, it would be nice if they did more cleaning while I really am sick so that I wouldn't have so much to do when I actually get better (if I ever do at this point)

Richmond said...

D here. And I *am* sick - no motivation for anyone there... Bah.

ragingmom said...

Oh yes, D is the answer! Sometimes I feel like no one would notice I was gone until they got hungry or ran out of clean clothes.

Priscilla said...

a) That would be you

b) You again

c) Tell him yes

d) yeah, it does doesn't it.

PS: Tell hubby how hot he looks when he cleans the house. You may never have to clean again!

jaj said...

The answer is D. What do I win?

lukie said...

The answer is D. At least in this house.

Roses said...

To all who answered "D": Your prize is enlightenment. Congratulations. Use it well.