Thursday, February 14, 2008

Bitten by the Love Bug

When I showed this recent Garfield cartoon to the husband, he got teary-eyed.

So, in honor of Valentine's Day, I will tell you about the moment the husband realized I was "The One":

We were hanging out, having conversation in my small apartment one spring day. He had the "good" chair next to the picture window, I was relaxing in the lawn chair that doubled as my livingroom furniture. As he spoke, I suddenly got up and said, "Keep talking. I'll be right back."

Small apartment. I could hear him talking as I walked all the way into the kitchen where I retrieved a newspaper from the recylables. He was still speaking as I walked back into the livingroom, but he suspiciously eyeballed the newspaper I was rolling.
He flinched when I swung the paper above his head and smacked the window.

"There was a bee. I didn't want to worry you," I explained.

He didn't say so at the time, but apparently, that really impressed him.

However, that's not when he decided I was the girl for him.

Days later, when we were at his apartment, he told the story to his roommate. I sat quietly at their kitchen table trying to look modest and cute.

He said, "And then she calmly smacked it like it was nothing! I never met a girl who wasn't freaked out by bugs before!"


The two men flinched and looked at me.
My hand was flat on the table. I turned my hand over to reveal a gross-looking smudge on my palm.

"Spider," I explained simply.

THAT's when he fell in love.

Happy Valentine's Day!


Priscilla said...


Excuse me. I am arachnophobic. Are you serious? Did you really kill a spider with your bare hands? Really? Like really really?

Shoot, I'd marry you too!

Richmond said...

What priscilla said. Oh yeah...

tammi said...

Great story. And I can promise you if you ever hear ANYone tell something like that about ME?


You....are the WOman!!!

Lake County said...

That is a great story! You are much braver than I. If it weren't for hairspray and Windex, I'd never kill a bug dead.

Although, I did have a Three Inch Long Cockroach Experience while living in my city apartment. That was frightening and disgusting on a whole new level.

Roses said...

Lake County: ACK!
(Thanks for visiting!)

Tink said...

You go girl.

HapKiDo said...

Do you have a sister? ha ha

I had a girlfriend in college who - when I was taking her to an anthropological dig - freaked completely & started screaming. I swear, I thought she saw someone get stabbed/shot/hit by a car & I was looking all over to see what it was.
She looked down at her leg & there was a small (dime-sized) spider on her jeans. I grabbed it & threw it out the window like the not-a-big-deal it was.
She was definitely no Roses!