Friday, February 08, 2008

1.21 gigawatts? Great Scott!

(This is a visual. I'll try to do it justice.)

The snow plow made its first pass through our street just before I had to leave for work. Short on time, I shoveled off only the top of the pile just wide enough to fit one vehicle.

Hit the gas.
I was out.

By the time The Husband came home, the snow plow had made many more passes. The driveway was piled shut, and the short trench I had shoveled was filled in. The Husband had to park in the street and climb over the snow to get to the house.

It was then that he saw my tire tracks farther back in the driveway.
Which seemed to drive straight from the garage into the pile of snow... and disappear.

He told me later that he scratched his head at that for a moment, but realized the plow had simply buried part of the tracks I'd made on my way out.

"Actually," I explained, "I got the Delorean up to 88 miles an hour..."


Christina said...

Too funny.

Hope you guys catch a break with the weather very soon.

Stay warm.

; )

tammi said...

THAT'S funny!

I'm proud to announce that I"m at the last 2' mark of my drive. Of course that is only the half directly behind where my car is parked...but as long as I can get in and out - I'm golden.....

Tink said...

I want a ride, LOL.

Richmond said...

Hahahahahha!!! And in the space of your driveway - WOW!! ;)

Mrs. Who said...

You make me want to cuddle up and drink hot chocolate all day. That's too much damn snow. I'm a winter wimp.