Sunday, January 06, 2008

Mom tried to warn me

When I frown, two vertical lines develop between my eyebrows.
Oh, alright… they’re wrinkles.

Sometimes I make "that face" in the mirror to see what I look like when I scold the children.
I scare myself.

The other day, I noticed these lines were there even when I wasn’t frowning.
I rubbed them, but they didn’t go away.

So, my mother was right all those years ago.

If you make “that face” too long, your face will freeze that way.


Mrs. Who said...

Must. Destroy. All. Mirrors. In. My. House.

vw bug said...

hahahaha. I smile a lot and still have those lines. Deep too. Does make me look scary when I am mad though. You can use it to your advantage... but definitely don't look in the mirror anymore. GRIN

Lemon Stand said...

Is THAT what caused those two lines? I'm with Mrs. Who. It is time to pulverize all the mirrors in my house. If I can't look at them then they are not still there... are they? Maybe I should keep the mirrors... they probably will help keep the paranoia away... :o)

HapKiDo said...

33, male, generally happy.

Zero wrinkles.

You may commence hating me now...


Richmond said...

::maintains neutral expression::

So my poker face should be my *only* face from now on?? Us oh...

Christina said...

It doesn't work.

I have been trying to *round* my slang eyes for years...

; )

It's all good.