Saturday, January 12, 2008

But you *said*...

You tell them, "No hitting!"
So, they pinch.
"But you said no hitting! I'm not hitting, I'm pinching!"

You tell them, "Keep your hands to yourself."
So, they throw things.
"You said keep my hands to myself. I'm not touching him."

You tell them, "No throwing things."
So, they poke with forks and pencils.
"But I'm not throwing anything!"

You go through every conceivable argument and eliminate every potential form of torture.
For just a moment, there is peace.

And then some other kid comes along and boxes your kid's ears.


What I'm saying is, I do understand that your kid isn't a bad kid.
He simply didn't know all the rules.

And there's no way in existence for any parent to be able to teach each. frickin'. one.

I pray for your understanding when my kid doesn't know all your rules.
Because I really tried.


Priscilla said...

Ahh yes!

You forgot 'He's looking at me!' 'He's breathing on me!' 'He put a booger on my blankie!'

The creativity to annoy one another is TRULY endless.

My boys are all legally adults now and get along wonderfully.

I sort of miss those days. I bet you will too.

Roses said...

Priscilla: I probably will miss it... right up until the grandkids do it, and then I'll MLAO!

Richmond said...

Birth control - gotta love it! :)

Thumper said...

Heh. When you only have one, it's you they pick on. The Boy couldn't grasp the fact that holding his finger two inches from my face and saying I'm not touching you over and over wasn't something you do to a parent. Siblings just cry. Parents can grab you by the shirt and haul your butt into your room...

Roses said...

Richmond: Amen, sista!

Thumper: I love that episode of "Roseanne" when DJ is waving a finger in Darlene's face.
"Stop it" "I'm not touching you" "Stop it" "I'm not touching you" while Dan quietly reads the newspaper. Finally, Darlene jumps up and chases DJ into the next room and we hear a loud SMACK! OW!
DJ comes back into the kitchen and whines, "Daaaaad! I didn't even touch her!" and Dan replies, "Then it was hardly worth it, son."

I love that!

Lemon Stand said...

I just wanted to let you know I linked to your wonderful post at The Lemon Stand - Around The Blogosphere :o)

A Mother's Intuition said...

OMG... This is such a great post. My boys still act like this and they are both teenagers. Thanks for the chuckle this morning...

Roses said...

Lemon Stand: I can tell. I've already been pinged! Thank you!

Mother's Intuition: Oh, great. This never ends? ;-)