Monday, December 10, 2007

Third time's a charm?

Got word this weekend that the mother-in-law moved... again.
This is her third move since leaving our house two years ago. She stayed at the second place for almost four months.

The husband predicts this recent move will be the last one.
Not because it's a good fit.
Not because she's going to kick the bucket.

But because this is her THIRD move.
If she complains, she'll have to admit that the problems she's been encountering might be her.

(Not to mention that two of her five children finally had enough of her spit, and they told her to her face that maybe she should consider taking anti-depressants. Hallelujah!)

(She won't, btw.)


HapKiDo said...

I just couldn't handle all the drama centered around one person. Judging from the stuff you've said before, it's not likely there'd be an admission of fault on her part...

Lee Ann said...

Your M-I-L sounds similar to my Grandmother. I still remember her clearly announcing to the ENTIRE family one holiday gathering, "When I am mistaken, I will be the first to let you know. Until then...." There was dead silence...and she was dead serious.

God how I just LOVE that woman! (Sincerely, she just cracks me up. The fact that others take her seriously tickles me even more. Oh yeah, I'm my Grandmothers Grandaughter! In every way!)

Anonymous said...

She was with you for years? She was with the others for just months? She might be looking to come back to you if this one doesn't work out......

Roses said...

Hapkido: You're right. It's not her, it's everyone else... in the whole world.

Lee Ann: You sound amused by your grandmother. I am not amused by the MIL at all... however, I am thankful for the healing since she has left.

Darin: Been there, squashed that.

Richmond said...

Yeah - as long as she is not looking to come back to *your* house, it's all good... Good grief.