Saturday, December 01, 2007

The Magic Word is Not "Please"

Breakfast. Waffles. Cartoons on TV while we eat.

Husband: Pass the syrup, please.

Children: *no response*

Husband: Please pass the syrup!

Children: *no response*


Children: *jump nervously* What?

Syrup is passed. Dust settles. Cartoons continue.

Me: If you wanna talk to the kids when they're watching TV, go at it like ice fishing. To get to the fish, you've gotta drill a hole first. You've gotta say something to break through the ice.

Husband: Oh. So, I should say... ice cream!

Children: *no response*

Husband: Or... apple pie!

Children: *no response*

Me: Once you drill the hole, you've gotta drop the hook right away before it freezes over. Like this: Chuck-E.-Cheese-pass-the-strawberries.

12-year-old: *blinks, passes strawberries* Why are you talking about pizza at breakfast?

The boys still don't know why their parents fell on the floor laughing.


Anonymous said...

Your poor kids....

Roses said...

Darin: Chuck-Norris-You're-right.
(just drilling a hole, there)
I've now linked this to the Therapy Fund. ;-)

Tink said...

I can so relate. But my are so far gone the only way to reach them is to either turn the tv off or at least mute it.

vw bug said...

I turn off the tv... but I think I will try this approach and see if it works.