Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Hello? McFly?

I had told her that I don't like it when people tell me I look tiiiiiired.
She had replied that I really DID look tired.
I had explained to her that it makes me either very angry or very sad.
She told me she didn't mean it in a bad way.
I asked her not to do it anymore, anyway.

Today, she needed a reminder:

She: You look so tiiiired today. Are you tired?

Me: *silence*

She: *blink*

Me: *icy silence*

She: Well? Are you tired?


She: Oh. Well, I hope that whatever is making you ugly goes away soon.

And then she did.


halo969 said...

OMG, she must be related to a lady I work with who likes to point out when I have bags under my eyes. I had to educate her on why you never ever say that to someone. WTF?

Lemon Stand said...

OMG! You sound just like my sister! (And I know better than to say this to her!) :o)

Richmond said...

Some people never learn...

Anonymous said...

I love my mother but sometimes this sounds like her... Don't we all know people like this? :)

Lee Ann said...

How about when you first wake up in the morning and your loving spouse looks at you, cocks his head to one side, reaches out and presses a finger on your face, poking around and says, "You look like you got hit in the face with a shovel. You're all puffy."

Well golly gee sweetykins, let me tell you how much I love you right now. *thwap*

You're co-worker and my DH could have moments together. ;)

wRitErsbLock said...

well, you DO look tired


of putting up with rude people!

Lukie said...

What are you doing talking to my mother? I hate it when she talks to people she doesn't even know.