Sunday, December 30, 2007

Again, with the sharp objects

The husband opened up a package of Hostess snack cakes.
He pulled out a knife and prepared to cut one of the snacks.

He called out, "Hey, boys! Do you want a half of a Ho-ho?"
I asked, "Wouldn't that be just a ho?"

He laughed so hard he almost hurt himself.


Tink said...

Pan almost died for a comment like that the other night when we were exchanging gifts with a friend. When she handed me one I asked how she knew it was mine and Pan piped up with "It says Ho on it". I laugh about it now, but I left a handprint on his check for two days, LOL.

Thumper said... said "ho."

But really...who only eats half a HoHo? Isn't that, like, WRONG? I think it's sacreligious somehow...

Mrs. Who said...

A husband who shares his Ho-Hos??!!?? Now that one's a keeper!

Lukie said...

It is like the Rachel Ray commercial where she splits a gingerbread donut with her Mom.