Monday, September 24, 2007

Random Stress (with a side of Stupid Sauce)

My day:

1) Go to library. Tell librarian that her beloved Runescape Club spawned a physical altercation Friday night. Watch her cheerfull smile fall.

2) Park car at work. Call the cops on an SUV that is not only parked with two tires on the sidewalk but also with a small child sucking on a pacifier in the back seat. No adult in sight.

3) Wonder why the morning guy had been eating so many onions so early in the morning that I can still smell onions two hours after he leaves the studio. Later learn that some moron weekend part-timer had disposed of his/her fast food bag in the studio to ferment. Grand.
Empty trashcan, then empty a can of air freshener in the studio, and still smell onions six hours later.

4) Field multiple phone calls from some listener moron who feels the need to update me every ten minutes on what the TV news is reporting. Finally tell moron that HELLO! We're a NEWS radio station! We're freakin' ON it! Attempt to strangle phone handset when he replies, "Well, how am I supposed to know that? I'm too far north to tune you in!"
(Yeah? Not far enough, Jack.)

5) Caller drops a sh*t bomb on live radio. Thank god for the 7-second delay button.

All done now.
Luv ya buh bye.


Bou said...

Wow. I'm tired now. Heh.

Lemon Stand said...

Wow, I probably should have read your latest post BEFORE I tagged you for a Meme, huh? :oP

I hope today was a much better day!

Richmond said...

Oh Boy...

(It wasn't me that called the sttion with the sh*t bomb, was it??) ;)