Monday, September 17, 2007

"I was a lazy child..."

This started out as a conversation between the ten-year-old girl from the neighborhood and me, but as the young lady merely smiled and nodded while her mom listened in, it was more of a monologue.

Tell your mom that you're not being lazy when you don't put away your laundry. You leave it out so you can get to it easier and more quickly, right? That's what my boys do. Piles of clothes on the bed. But they know where everything is. That's not lazy, that's efficient.

I know lazy. *I* was a lazy child.

When I was your age, I never put my clothes away. I threw them all in the bottom of my closet. Wear it once, throw it on the floor.

One morning, I was getting really for school, I took my clothes off the hanger, but before I got dressed Mom came in to tell me school was cancelled. I didn't even wear the clothes. They were perfectly clean, and I threw them on the floor.

It was just too much work to hang them back up, I guess.

One day, I was walking down the hall to my room and our little dachshund flew past me and ran into my room ahead of me. Which was weird, because our dog never really seemed to like me much. She never hung out in my room.

When I got to my room, the dog was in my closet... digging through my clothes! All my clothes on the floor of the closet. Like she was digging a hole, burying something.

And she stuck her head in there... and pulled out a bone!

The dog had buried a bone in my closet!

She probably figured, "Hey, here's a place that no one ever cleans."

My mom thought that was pretty funny.

So, if you don't have dogs burying things in your room, tell your mom you're doing just fine.


Richmond said...

Whoa... So did you hang up your clothes after that??

JRT-ESS said...

growing up that story was my sister to a tee. i was too much of a neatnik. ok to be honest that still is my sister although she is 37. lol

Mrs. Who said...

Yeah, I did the same thing. And the cat had kittens on my clothes. Seven of them.

Roses said...

Richmond: More often, yeah. Apparently, the dog spoke a language more compelling than my mother.

jrt-ess: My sister, who shared my room, was a neatnik. I made her look REAL good.

Mrs. Who: OMG! Kittens! I gotta get a hold of the neighbor girl and make sure she knows that might be another consequence of scattered clothing!

Lemon Stand said...

ROFL!!! I am SOOOO not going to tell my kids this story!