Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Two Word Movie Review - Transformers

Here are several two word reviews. Today, you get to pick:

"Oh mgod!"
"Freakin' awesome!"
"Kick ass!"
"Big screen"
"Eye candy"

I want a Camaro.
Or a tow truck.

If you can still find it in a theater, go.
Don't wait for a rental. It'll lose it's magic.

Best times to take a potty break:
Anytime the Transformers are conversing amongst themselves.
I kinda felt I had fallen into Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles at those times.


Contagion said...

Actually I was disappointed in this movie.

Roses said...

Contagion: I understand. The 12-year-old son said the kissing scenes were icky, too.

Richmond said...

I want to go!!

Bou said...

I enjoyed it too, but mostly becuase I thought it was going to suck so bad and was DRAGGED to it. I really enjoyed it.