Monday, August 13, 2007

Italian Date Night

As the husband and I were enjoying a quiet dinner sans children at an Italian restaurant Friday night, the theme music from The Godfather wafted through the dining area.

Me: Did you know that's actually a love song?

He: No kidding.

Speak Softly Love, it is.

Me: Funny how a beautiful love song can sound so ominous because it was attached to The Godfather... A grisly, sometimes gruesome movie about family. And loyalty. And "don't cross mine".

He: Interesting.

Me: Even more interesting... I'm not sure you remember this, but your mother gave us a music box as a wedding gift or anniversary present a long time ago. The one with the two doves on it and an open bible with a verse about love?

He: Yeah.

Me: I thought it was sweet and beautiful. Such a lovely gift from your mother. So, imagine my surprise when I wound it up... and it played The Godfather Theme.

The husband laughed so loud people looked.
And he hummed the tune all night long.


Richmond said...

Hey - that's a great song!! I always wanted to be Consigliari...

Bou said...

That is hysterical!