Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Wise Cracker

I harass my chiropractor.
But he likes it.
He really does.

This morning, after my adjustment, he reached behind my neck, I thought, to tuck a tag back inside my shirt. Instead, he pulled my necklace around to move the clasp to the back.

"Did I have a wish?" I blurted. "You just ruined my wish!"

(Pausing for the men, here: Any elementary school girl can tell you that if you wear a necklace and the clasp scoots all the way around to the charm in front, you get a wish as you slide it back. Most girls wish for boys to like them... so now you know why you suddenly liked one girl in grade school for no particular reason. She wished you to. Totally beyond your control. Sorry.)

So, I yelled at my chiropractor.

Then, as he walked me to the lobby, he stepped on the heal of my shoe and gave me a "flat".

"I can't win for losing," he lamented to the receptionist. "First I ruin her wish, then I rip her shoe right off."

I sniffed dramatically. "And all I was really wishing for was to walk out of here wearing shoes!"

(Huh. That sounded SO much funnier when I actually said it.)


Jessie said...

*laugh* I love that. I kiss my clasp when I wear necklaces. You can't help it. It's ingrained in first grade.

Harvey said...

I had no idea about this stuff, but TNT confirms it :-)