Saturday, July 14, 2007

Two Word Movie Review - Harry Potter and Order of Phoenix

(No spoilers. Safe to read.)

Here are your two words: "Reader's Digest"

Very condensed version of the book.
Very well done condensed version of the book.

But condensed nonetheless.
Much like the World Quidditch Cup scenes from Goblet of Fire.

Perhaps it is because I am so in love with the book version, I wondered if someone who hadn't read the books (but was well-versed in the movies) would be able to follow along and/or pick up the nuances of what certain things meant.

I did find myself thinking several times that I knew what this or that was really about only because I'd read the book.

But, here's what a friend of mine had to say:
I have never read any of those books, however I saw the movie this afternoon and thought it was as good as the first one. The others in the series were entertaining, but this one had something more. Other characters got screen times and there were some interesting insights you find out.

(The following is intended for those who have seen the movie, but there are no spoilers here either. However, it may influence your viewing if you have not yet seen the movie.)

There was one point in the movie, during a scene we all know is coming if we've read the book, where the air is simply sucked from the theater.
The only people you see on screen are Harry and Lupin, and there's no dialogue.
I found it hard to breathe.
It was very well produced.

On the other hand, is it just me, or is it more difficult to understand what they are saying this time?
The British accent blew past me a little too fast several times, and I completely missed some of the conversations. I never noticed a problem with it in the other movies.

Also, and I hate to admit it, I couldn't help but think of Star Wars and Yoda during the battle in the Ministry.

And there was that moment when we first meet Kreacher that I expected him to mutter, "My precious!"

But mostly, there was far too little of Ron.
Even my kids said so.
(I found it ironic that Entertainment Weekly pointed out how Ron's big scenes from the book are cut out of the movie, and then they blatantly left any interview with Rupert Grint out of their article. Gits.)

Your thoughts?

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HapKiDo said...

I didn't care much for GoF (movie). Honestly, I liked the book pretty well (Yes, Hapkido does read Harry Potter) & the glaring omissions just took a lot of life out of the flick.

OoP was a solid book. I'd say the best, IMO. HBP captured my interest but was terribly dark & really a downer towards the end.

Your review does give me hope, however. :-)

Maranda Rites said...

I've never read the books and I have no problems following the plot lines of the movies. In fact, this one was a lot more in depth than the others for me.

I agree that they didn't have enough Ron time. I like his character.

I always have problems understanding British accents so I really didn't notice any differences.

Since you mentioned it, "May the force be with you, Harry" does fit quite well with that battle scene. Snicker:)

Roses said...

Maranda Rites: I'm hearing that a lot. Folks who haven't read the books are getting a lot more out of this movie than those who have.
That says a lot for the director and the editors.

Richmond said...

I loved every minute. And during the scene you described - I cried. Knew it was coming and cried anyway. It was very well done...