Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Stock up now!

Driving through town, I saw a sign by the strip mall:

Stans for $10

"Really?" I thought. "Who is selling Stans? And why are they such a bargain?"

As I got closer:

Stans for $10

I'd never seen this sign before.
How many Stans do I get for $10? Do they sell them by weight or volume?

Passing the sign, I read:

5 tans for $10

Well, then...
Good thing I have plenty of Stans and didn't need any more anyway.


Jessie said...

*laugh* That sounds like something I'd do.

Mrs. Who said...

Will Stan clean my house for $10? I'll take one of those.

Harvey said...

I hear you can get Afghanistan for $5 if you dicker :-)

Richmond said...


I always wondered where I could get some stan. ;)