Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Retracing steps

I started out washing the dishes tonight, and an hour later I found myself standing in the backyard realizing that the dishes were still soaking in soapy water and I hadn't washed a single one of them.

Have you ever done that?
Start out with a chore and get so sidetracked that you forget what you'd started out doing in the first place?

I know how it happened, too.
I was putting the dishes in the sink and rinsing out a couple bottles.
Went to put the bottles in the recyling bin under the sink. It was full.
Carried the bin to the garage to empty it and saw the dehumidifier tank was full.
Took the tank outside and poured it into the watering can.
Watered the flowers. Noticed the trees looked thirsty. Hooked up the sprinkler.
When I turned on the hose, saw some over grown weeds in the landscaping and pulled a few out.
Neighbor lady walked by. Stopped to say hello.
Then her grown daughter walked by with the dogs. Stopped to say hello.
When she asked where the rest of the family was, I had to think.
Husband watching TV. Kids playing computer games.
And I had been washing the dishes!

Thankfully, I had turned off the kitchen faucet before I'd made my "short" trip to empty the recyclables!


chlorinejenny said...

This is my daily life! I forget about the dishes in the dishwasher and the clothes needing to go in the dryer every day!

Life gets in the way of chores for me.

Jessie said...

I always do that. If you mind runs at a super speed, any distraction stops your train of thought entirely. *grins* Why can't the world just do what I want, all the time, so I can be a lounge monkey and read a book?