Monday, July 16, 2007

Making Appointments

Apparently, it really ticks me off when I make an appointment, show up early, and still don't get in at my appointed time.

Last month, I showed up for the doctor ten minutes early for an 8:45am appointment. While I waited to check in, the woman ahead of me said she was there for her 9am.
As I stood talking to the receptionist, they called that lady in and made me wait until 9am.

I'm not saying they didn't have good reasons.
But it ticks me off, you see.

Don't even get me started about how, several years ago, I waited for an ultrasound (with the strictly suggested full bladder) for an extra 30 minutes.
Only to have the nurse suggest that I could "go just a little bit and hold the rest".
Is that a joke that ultrasound nurses have? Seriously? Telling a pregnant woman to hold it?
I should have threatened to pee my pants right then and there, and proceed to sit in every chair in their lounge.

Tonight, I had a 7pm appointment to see a new dentist.
I showed up at 6 frickin' 30. A half hour early.
I sat with a book, enjoying the quiet time. I was the only person in the waiting room.

Two people walked in after me. Thought nothing of it.
When the nurse came to the door with a folder and called out a name other than mine, it got my attention.
Must be quarter to 7. That person just got here.
I checked the time.
It was 7:15.


Fifteen minutes after my appointed time, and they took someone who showed up after me!

And then!

The next nurse that came with a folder didn't call me either!


When it was my turn, the nurse simply said, "Sorry for the wait."
No explanation.
It might have been a really good reason.

I'll never know.

Think she has an idea why I was so p!ssy?
I didn't explain that to her, either.

I'm not saying it's wrong or they don't have a darned good reason for completely blowing off my appointed time, even though I'm sure they'd have scolded me had I been late. Or, more likely, they'd have cancelled my appointment altogether and made me reschedule... and charged me for both.

I'm just saying it really ticks me off.


HapKiDo said...

Oh, you are not kidding. Hello! I made this appointment for a reason, you inconsiderate dunderhead!

Why is it doctors always assume you have no better place to be? Sure, as much as I'd LOOOVE to spend time in the bacterial culture that is the waiting room, I actually have things I need to do.

Their bedside manor is as such:
"Does this hurt? How about now?"

Jessie said...

I completely understand! My regular, non-specialist doctor, will schedule an appointment for say 1 pm. My godmom (who goes to the doc more than me) will get there at 30 minutes early because better to be safe than sorry. An hour after appointed time, they call her back. Keep her for 30 minutes max, and then send us on our way. That's right.

And as her driver, I have to wait that 30 minutes in the waiting area. Right.

I hate those doctor appointments with a passion. Wonder why. On the plus side? I usually read half my book waiting.

Maranda Rites said...

I've had this happen to me numerous time only I've said something. The last time a person that had a later appointment than I did was called first, I got up and asked the receptionist why this was so, nicely I might add. Needless to say I was the next person called back and I wasn't kept long before the doctor came in.

Thumper said...

Could be worse. My "You MUST See Your Doc Within 72 Hours" post ER visit took 30 days to get. I showed up 45 minutes early ('cause it IS a military facility and I know better) and then found out the doc wasn't even there and they had no record of the appointment. When that happens a couple of times, you really do want to punch someone in the nipples...