Monday, June 18, 2007

When you live with a newsman...

... you get your news before the general public.

Nearly daybreak, one winter morning:
I have just hit the snooze button when the telephone rings
It is the husband calling from work.
"I'm sorry to bother you, but your alarm is just about to go off anyway. School's cancelled, so if you turn off all the alarm clocks, you guys can sleep in."

During breakfast another school morning:
Telephone rings
"Hey honey, there was a second child abduction attempt near a school two towns over. He'll probably try again, who knows where. Tell the boys stay together and to watch out for anyone in a red pickup truck."

Early evening, earlier this spring:
Telephone rings
"Hey, they just issued a tornado warning for our county. Go downstairs with the boys."
"Got it! I'll have the cell phone!"
(As we climb down the stairs, the city warning whistle is just starting to whine.)

This morning:
Telephone rings
"Hey, there's an ambulance gonna be coming up the street any minute now. A lady having chest pains..."
Sirens howl in the distance as I check the phone book for the neighbor lady's exact house number while he tells me the street address he heard on the scanner.
"It's okay, " I tell him. "It's not Mrs. B. I bet it's Mrs. H. Oh, here they come now."


Isn't that how you get your news?


Richmond said...

Uh - sort of... Does that make me a bad person?? ;^)

vw bug said...

Wow. Glad my hubby is not into reporting. That would make me jump every time my phone rang.

Roses said...

Richmond: Is that how you get your news... or your weather?

chlorinejenny said...

So, um, does he uh, predict the winning numbers for the lottery as well?!!

Roses, your word verification thingy is almost a real word right now!