Thursday, June 21, 2007

Prayers please

If you do such things, say a prayer for Mrs. B this week.

Friday would have been Mr. B's birthday, and our lovely neighbor is having a rough time.
It doesn't help that she's been going through his things, preparing to get rid of his clothes.
(Yeah, it has taken a long time...)
She mentioned to me last night that she's finally got his shirts ready for the kids to pick through.
"But I just don't know what to do with his suits..." and she burst into tears.

I didn't know what to say. I can't imagine having lost my husband.
So, I gave her a hug and told her there was no hurry to do anything.
"Look," I said, "we have a garage full of stuff we don't even care about, and we can't bring ourselves to get rid of it. There's no hurry for you to do anything."

How do you stop thinking of someone you've loved for 30 years?
When do the holidays stop reminding you they are gone?

I think never.

So, if you think of Mrs. B this week, think a word of encouragement or send a little prayer her way.
She'll feel it. I know she will.


Thumper said...

Poor woman. What would have been my father in law's birthday is coming up and I don't know how my MIL will handle it (he died last August...they were married for 48 years.) It's hard enough on his kids, I can't imagine what she goes through day to day.

I don't think there ever comes a time when hallmark events don't remind you of who's missing. At some point you start to enjoy them again, but there's always someone missing...

Roses said...

Thanks for stopping by, Thumper.
You have quite a bit on your plate, too. Hope it all works out well.

HapKiDo said...

That's just heartbreaking to hear. I lost my grandfather when I was in 9th grade & that was absolutely devastating. My grandmother certainly didn't know how to go on with life. I can't even comprehend how losing a spouse must be. My heart & prayers go out to Mrs. B.

Roses said...

Thanks, HapKiDo.
And welcome back.

Bou said...

I have many friends who are widows. It is so sad. They really just learn to cope... and they tell me that mornings and evenings, just after dinner, are the hardest times. it breaks my heart.