Thursday, June 21, 2007

Just some filler

Because it seems weird to have such a meaningful post for my neighbor and then launch into the next subject....

If you've read about my experience with raising rabbits,
then you may appreciate this little Carol Burnett skit.

Ironically, the person who triggered my memory of Peter and the Rabbits with her offer of giving our children bunnies is the same person who sent me the link to the Carol Burnett video.

Perhaps I should choose my friends a little more carefully...


1 comment:

Jessie said...

Mama! Gah, I love that show. Ahem, but yes, I think doing a friends inventory might be in order. ;) Clearly that one has bunny issues. *nods*

Supposedly the bunnies my brother and I had "ran away" but even back then I was thinking a white rabbit with red eyes probably wasn't gonna run too far downtown, yet my grandfather managed to live on a limited income and ate a lot. Crazy jerk.

Poor Fluffy and Pebbles. And whatever my bunny was named. Probably something clever like Bunny.