Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Half of a Big Day

In case you wondered about my magical half-day off...

The boys and I wandered across town. I had mentioned to them that I had a gift certificate for a book store over there, and they were excited to go! Even the boy who doesn't like reading was excited over a book store!
So, that was our goal.

But there were things to look at on the way.
Stories to tell.
Runescape strategies to discuss.
Dreams to share...

None of us found anything we wanted to buy at the book store, but we enjoyed looking around.
And, what do you know? The store next door sold ice cream cones!
How about that?

On the way home, there were more things to see.
Fart jokes to tell.
Train cars to count...

It was a lovely afternoon.

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Oddybobo said...

OOO, fun!