Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Younger Son (age 10) had his first public performance tonight.

He juggled in front of his entire Scout pack at the last meeting of the year.

He'd been working hard trying to come up with different tricks... one-handed, bouncing one ball every other toss... and the latest trick he decided to teach himself just this weekend: an under-the-leg toss.

The hooooours of "Watch this! Wait, that's not it!" over and over and ooooover...
That's great, honey, call me when you can catch it every time instead of just once in a while, 'kay?


So, his den leader introduced him tonight.
Standing in front of all the little Tiger, Wolf, and Bear Cubs, he looked very confident. (He looks good in uniform, anyway...) For once, he was the older, wiser, more experienced kid in the crowd.

And he had everyone's attention all to himself.

He started to juggle.


And then one-handed.


And some thing that looks really cool but I don't know how to describe it.


And just when I thought he was out of tricks, he pitched one ball under his leg... and caught it without missing a beat!


I jumped up with a WHOO! and then realized no one else was making a sound.

Come on, people!
THAT was friggin' AWESOME!
Dang it, he'd made it look too easy.

For a grand finale, Younger Son tossed the balls into the crowd one by one.

Too late, he realized the kids thought they could keep the balls, and he had to run around confiscating them back.

His first public appearance.
He did good.

That's my boy!


Richmond said...


Mrs. Who said...

See?? All that eye-hand coordination in playing video games has paid off.

*runs off before Roses can hit her*

Roses said...

::pitches a juggling ball at Mrs. Who::

::(But only half-heartedly::