Thursday, May 31, 2007

Pardon me!

Excuse me.

But all evening long I've been burping.
Oddly enough, I've been burping what I can only identify as... kitty treats.


Salmon flavored kitty treats.
Confirmed by my cat who finds me totally irresistable tonight.

But I'm pretty sure I haven't been eating kitty treats today...

In fact, supper was a lovely mashed potato and roast beef combo.
Lunch had been a turkey sandwich.


Definitely fishy.

I'm going to point my finger at jaj!
That's right!
Look! Even her profile includes a question about FISH!

But actually, she's the one who suggested I take Omega 3 for my neck.
And I had swallowed a couple fish oil softgels (Mmm... softgels!) earlier tonight.


I wonder how much Omega 3 is in a kitty treat?


wRitErsbLock said...

OMG I hate the Omega 3 soft gels I took (for two or three days). They made me burp fish constantly, and that made me want to puke. Ugh. It was disgusting. So, I have a ginormous bottle that only has a few pills missing, in case you want some more.

jaj said...

Maybe take them just before you go to bed? Sorry about the burping...but at least your kitty is enjoying it...

Roses said...

jaj: So, I shouldn't be hiding them in my jelly donuts?
(Or, jelly fish donuts...)

writersblock: Perhpas we could try following them with some tartar sauce.

Matt said...

Someone told me that if you take a little cinnamon with the pills you won't get that tasty burp. Plus cinnamon helps level out blood sugar levels.

roses said...

Matt: That's a new one on me! A little cinnamon toast then? Like a little fishy sandwich?
What if I take my cinnamon in the form of a hot toddy?