Saturday, May 05, 2007

Let's Make a Deal!

Watched the Game Show Network with Younger Son the other night.
We found reruns of Let's Make a Deal!
Good old Monty Hall!

Younger Son loved it!
I got a kick out of the prices of the cars and how the brand new cars looked so old to me.

A couple things I realized while watching the show:

- the action moved along quickly; no suspense, no cliff-hanging-are-you-sure-is-that-your-final-answer-we'll-see-what's-in-the-box-after-this-message crap; just pure fun and excitement! They tried to cram as much prize-winning into 30 minutes as they could. Not try to stretch just one contest across a whole freakin' hour.

- the contestants were happy! Oh my goodness, when the young couple traded their $2000 prize for a TV and lounge chair worth $1000, they said, "Hey, at least we have a new TV!"
And they were truly HAPPY to have something they didn't have half an hour earlier.

- both Younger Son and I decided that neither of us would want a fur coat.
"I'd be afraid to wear a coat worth $800! What if I ruined it!" said young son.

I mentioned to Younger Son , "If you think about it, this is kinda like Deal or No Deal."
He replied, "Yeah. Only this is better."


Roses said...

Another old game show I'm enjoying the second time around is Match Game.
I'd never noticed how naughty they were... all the time!
I guess I'd been too young and naive to catch all the innuendo before. :)

sticks said...

My favorite part of lets make a deal is when he asks people in the audiance for strange items in their purses. That always cracked me up. When my boys were little I could have won some money. I always had strange things in my purse.

roses said...

Sticks: I loved that part, too! And you know people crammed all sorts of weird stuff in their purses. Once Monty asked a woman for a hard boiled egg... and she HAD one!