Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Fine Character

I drove the boys to school today. On the way, we passed another boy on his bike. This boy, we'll call him Brandon, is a not-so-nice boy who seems to only know how to draw attention to himself by being mean to other kids. In fact, Brandon had a habit of chasing Elder Son home, kicking him if he was walking, throwing sticks at his spokes if he was riding bike.

This conversation ensued:

Younger Son: He's mean to a lot of kids.

Elder Son: Other kids are mean to him, too. The other day, someone stole his bike and backpack. I couldn't get to him because I was on the wrong side of the street. So, I yelled to (a friend), "Hey! Go get his bike back!" and he did.

Me: Wait a minute. You stuck up for Brandon?

Elder:  Yeah
Younger: I would have, too.

Me: Even though he's been mean to you?

Elder: Well, yeah.



oddybobo said...

It's some kind of good kid code. Be thankful yours are good kids!

Richmond said...

And if *I* see "Brandon" acting that way - He'll be getting a big dose of Blonde Momma Bear!!