Saturday, April 28, 2007

No Saturday morning drone

This morning, Younger Son (naturally) is watching Saturday morning cartoons when he sees a TV commercial for Go-Tarts, "the portable Pop-Tart".
You know, the one with the girl who answers the door to find an unattractive boy waiting to take her on a date. She looks wistfully at her traditional PopTart which is obviously the *only* reason she is still rooted in the doorway. Suddenly, her PopTart turns into a GoTart (basically, a smaller PopTart), and she is finally able to run out the back door to freedom.
This is the conversation we had about it:

He: I don't think they did that commercial very well.
Me: Why?
He: One, because you can run with a PopTart, same as a GoTart. Two, because when she got farther down the road, she stopped running to eat it!

I love the way that kid thinks!


Mr. Fabulous said...

That's weird. I find I get a lot of chicks with Go Tarts.

Richmond said...

Since when are Pop-Tarts not portable??

I don't get it...

roses said...

Richmond: Exactly.

Mr. Fab: That and a movie, and you've got a date!