Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Happy 15th Wedding Anniversary!

In honor of 15 years of wedded bliss, here is my list of 15 Things I Love About the Husband:

1) He laughs at my jokes;
2) He believes in me;
3) He doesn't mind doing the cooking, if I do the dishes;
4) He likes to eat out as much as I do, maybe more... but I really like to eat out;
5) When we're both well-rested, we finish each other's sentences, and are often heard to say, "I was just going to say that!"
6) When we walk somewhere, he slows down to my short-legged pace even when he's in a hurry;
7) He knows to keep some "emergency" chocolate in the house;
8) I am a better person when I am with him; (that should be higher on the list, but I didn't want to bore you with too much sappy stuff bunched altogether)
9) Even when I am in full arm-flapping mode, he never accuses me of acting irrationally;
10) My heart still skips when he walks in the room, like he's my boyfriend or something;
11) We talk about growing old and "playing the crowd" at the old folks home someday;
12) Sometimes, when I come home, he's already waiting at the door, just like the cat;
13) He's warm and snuggly, just like the cat;
14) He has a lot of the same bad habits I do (like staying up too late, and procrastinating), so neither of us can nag the other... because each one of us is guilty of the same thing;
15) It doesn't feel like we've been married for 15 years (however, it does feel like we've had children forever).

I love you, honey bunny.
Forever and ever.


Richmond said...

Awwwwww... Happy Anniversary!

(Number 9 is my personal favorite.)

vw bug said...

Wow. You did such a wonderful anniversary post!!! Hmmmm... maybe I'll steal it for next year. Happy Anniversary!

jaj said...

Happy Anniversary!

Mrs. Who said...

What a beautiful post. Happy anniversary, and may you have 15 + 15 + 15 more! Or even more!

loria said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!! BBW and I just celebrated our 1 year last Wed.

Roses said...

Thank you, everyone! And congratulations to you, Loria!

The husband actually went out of his way to read my blog for once.
(And after work, he met me at the door... with the cat.)

Oddybobo said...

Happy Anniversary!

Harvey said...

*pops champange cork*