Monday, March 19, 2007

You are IT

Anyone else have IT guys who don't "get" that people actually USE computers during the day to WORK?
Anyone else wonder why IT guys choose to "upgrade" during standard business hours while everyone is USING the computers?
Do any IT guys even own a watch?


Come back after 5pm, brainiac.
We're all busy.
You're gonna screw us all up and waste the company's money if you monkey around with stuff now.


Roses said...

Did I happen to mention these are "on site" IT guys?
Not like they're contract dudes that come in one day and go.
Not like they have a short schedule because they have to run to the next client.

They're here every day.

They're gonna pass everyone in the halls all year long and get dirty looks.
Well, they're gonna get dirty looks from me, anyway...

Tink said...

I know one IT guy who works after hours.... Pan. Drives me crazy as I don't get to see enough of him anyway. But I do understand why he does it.

Roses said...

Found out today that these guys DO work after hours... on every floor in the building except ours.

We're special.