Thursday, March 08, 2007

World's Worst Advertising Lines? *updated*

For a dish satellite company:

"Is juggling your work, kids, and life taking the fun out of TV?"


This is what you're selling?

Listen, I like watching TV as much as the next guy.
Maybe I like watching TV a little too much.
And maybe I do have DVR envy.


...taking away the fun... of TV?

Just me, or is that really screwed up?

God help us all if this is what the masses responds to.

*****Updated to include...*****

And what's with Burger King?
They now have a burger that is so full of meat, cheese and bacon that their radio commercial (haven't seen a TV ad for this one yet) advises you to sit while you eat it.
Because it's so big.
And meaty.

"Please be seated before being cheese and meated."

Well, yeah!

Because the heart attack will knock you on your a$$ if you're not already reclined.

Oh, please, eat lots of fat and then don't exercise!

And hey, if you can chew less to cut down on any unnecessary additional movement, that would be great, 'kay?



Richmond said...

Wow... :^0

Mrs. Who said...

Some folks need to GET a life. Geez.

loria said...

I enjoy tv too and the dvr. But I don't really watch that much and tv doesn't take over my life-what little one I have. Some companies can come up with the worst commericals.

Lemon Stand said...

Just another reason why I don't watch tv anymore. We actually had our cable shut off and it took the kids almost 4 months to figure it out. We have been spending the money to buy books for them. We are all happy to be blissfully ignorant of commercials.