Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Need a unique April Fool's day prank?

Another blogger posted pics of how she wrapped everything in her boss' office with aluminum foil.
(The post is gone now, but trust me, it was awesome!)

Doubt I'd have come up with that idea on my own.
SOOOoooooo much better that switching out the salt and sugar.

What's the best prank you've pulled?


Mrs. Who said...

The best prank I ever pulled?? It was on my ex-husband. I got a rubber snake, tied some clear thread around its neck, and taped the other end of the thread underneath the toilet lid. So when he lifted the lid, it looked like the the snake was rising out of the bowl. I heard "JESUS CHRIST!!!" and then the slamming of the lid. Oh, yes, I was ROFLMAO!

Lemon Stand said...

ROFL! Mrs. Who! **note to self, look for a rubber snake at the store**

I'm not very good with practical jokes. I leave that kind of stuff for my husband. One of these days I am expecting a call from his work to come get his carcass....