Sunday, March 04, 2007

Mexican Foam Dart Stand-off!

All the boys (the two children and the husband) have been chasing each other around the house with foam dart guns.
Nothing better than shooting dad to get the two sons to get along together.

The children are good about planning a good defense before ever waging war.
So, they have barricaded themselves in one of their bedrooms.

Back on Christmas Day, when the foam dart guns were new, the boys had hidden in the coat closet occasionally opening the door only wide enough for their dad to shoot a couple darts through the crack.
It was too late before the husband realized they were only waiting him out until he was out of ammo.

Today, the husband has grown smarter, and boys have a new plan.
I don't know what that plan is yet, but...

The boys have not realized that, while they are holed up in their "fort", their father is, at this moment, watching TV.
And has been for the past ten minutes.
Because he has propped a stuffed animal against the bedroom door and the children think its shadow is his.
What's funny is hearing them squeal in anticipation when they think they see that shadow moving.

It's not moving.
It's a stuffed animal.

::shakes head in wonder of the male gender::


Bitterroot said...

Bwahahaha! That's great!

Hubby needs to tie a string from the stuffed 'mo to his big toe so he can move it periodically. That ought to let him enjoy TV for a while!

It'll also make for a side-splitting scene when he tries to run from them after they've discovered the ruse, too! :D

Harvey said...

I don't understand why this should cause head-shaking :-)

Roses said...

bitterroot: I'll suggest the toe-string. I'm sure it'll get some play.

Harvey: You may be right. This is no cause for a head-shaking. It's more of a deep-sigh occasion. ;-)

Richmond said...

Heh. That's hilarious! :-)