Saturday, February 24, 2007


...are there so many used tissues lying around my house?

In the laundry.

On the computer desk.

In the pen/pencil drawer?!?


Am I the only person who knows how to throw these things away?



Lemon Stand said...

Or on the floor NEXT to the garbage can? I can relate!

wRitErsbLock said...

in my house it's used paper towels. MIL leaves them everywhere. On each kitchen counter surface, in the kitchen sink, out in the garage next to the refrigerator out there, on top of the garbage can outside (can't raise the lid?), on hte back patio next to the bird cage (her birds), on the back patio on one or more of the chairs, in the family room on the couch, on the dining room table.


Drives me batty.