Tuesday, February 06, 2007

What I did today

- Woke up and used the bathroom, but first I had to wipe off the toilet seat

- Made oatmeal for breakfast, but first I had to refill the water pitcher and filter more water for boiling since no one refilled it the night before when they emptied it

- Washed the breakfast dishes, but first I had to put away the clean, dry dishes from the night before

- Went to work and downloaded audio files from the internet, but first I had to log someone else off on a computer in order to log myself on

- Edited and produced those audio files into air-quality files, but first I had to put away pens and pencils, papers, and computer disks that were left behind by the previous user of the production studio

- Washed supper dishes, but first had to put away clean, dry dishes from breakfast

- Sat down to type a new post, but first had to yell at the children to get off my computer and go to bed, and then I had to wait for the husband to finish his computer game of blow-em-up-army-guys

Before I could do anything that I needed or wanted to do today, I first had to take care of something for someone else.

No wonder I feel like I do the work of two people most days.


Lemon Stand said...

OH, this is sooo true!

Anonymous said...

Oh goodness, sounds busy and tiring and makes me want to go to bed :) hope the day went well despite all of that :)