Thursday, February 01, 2007

I want my own bathroom.

A pretty girly bathroom that smells of perfumes and soaps and flowers and has a cushy bench to sit on as I paint my toenails.

I don't like sharing a bathroom with males anymore.

I'm tired of having to change my socks because I walked into the bathroom after someone took a shower and I stepped in a puddle that no one wiped up.

I'm tired of having water stains on everything because no one but me mops off the sink after using it.

I'm tired of gagging upon entering the bathroom because no one seems to be able to find the air freshener.

I'm tired of having a bathroom that smells musty because no one can hang up a wet towel.


I'm tired of having to wipe off the seat everytime I need to use the toilet!

I'm really peeved that, while I am the only one who NEVER pees on the the toilet seat, I am the only one who is inconvenienced by those who do. No one wipes up their pee. Because it is not a problem to them. Oh, no. They let it dry there, nice and crusty.

I want my own bathroom.
Let them wallow in their own sludge.


Lemon Stand said...

Believe me, having two bathrooms doesn't help. Even if you had 1 bathroom for each person, it wouldn't help. The kids seem to find reasons to use both and neither gets clean till you are standing over them with the baseball bat....

Mrs. Who said...

I just don't go into the kids bathroom anymore. I'll wait till they're all gone, and simply rent a Bobcat to clean it out.

Tink said...

Don't let Tater visit anytime soon.

Roses said...

Lemon Stand: Let me ammend my post to include a lock on my bathroom and I have the only key.

Mrs. Who: That's what I want. I can wait until they move out, then I'll bulldoze the room and rebuild it from scratch.

Tink: Tater can't have my key.

Richmond said...

Amen! I am thinking I may just want my own house one day...

vw bug said...

Tink beat me to it. That boy is driving me nuts.

jaj said...

I am so with you on this!