Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Poor Planning

The husband took me to the State Fair one year.
He really wanted cream puffs.

He didn't know me well enough yet to know that I hate crowds.  And heat.  I really hate heat.

You can imagine how much fun we had, then, smack dab in the middle of a crowded, hot, state fair.

On top of that, we ran out of cash.
Fortunately, according to the State Fair map, there was an ATM on the grounds.
When we located it, we found a long line of other people waiting to use it.

I mean, a looooOOOOOOoooooong line.
But, we needed cash, so we got in line and waited.

Since we were out of the sun and away from the crushing crowds, I started to actually enjoy myself.

Not so much for the other people in line.
They were crabby.
It seemed the longer we waited in the shade, the happier I got, and the crabbier everyone else got. (except for the husband; if I'm happy, he's happy. so we were good)


The young woman in line in front of us could not take it any longer.

"What the frakk!" she yelled. "Who the he!! designed this place?!? There's only ONE money machine in this whole damn place!?! That's frakkin' stupid! That's really frakkin' poor planning!"

I elbowed the husband and muttered quietly (so the young woman wouldn't overhear me and rip my head off), "You know what's really poor planning? Going to the State Fair and not taking enough money with you."

"Like us?" he smirked.

"Yeah. But at least we're smart enough to know how stupid we are."


Anonymous said...

lol :) i too get crabby in heat, it sucks, i get bitchy & crabby & yet other people still seem more obnoxious to me when they start bitchin' :)

oddybobo said...

Love it. I usually drag the husband to those things.

Richmond said...

Yeah - I havee already explained to WxMan that he is on his own when it comes to taking the kids to 6 flaggs and what not. I am DONE.

Rave said...

Well, Roses, that was out of the wait, blue, I mean...

Love the new digs.
And I love the new pic! You're such a cutie! :)

Roses said...

Thanks, Rave!

A friend asked why I didn't have a picture of myself up here.
So, now I do!