Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Morning workout - Let's build character!

The husband woke the boys up early this morning and told them to shovel the sidewalks before breakfast.
Oh, the husband had a beautiful dream...
(cue harps)
I would make breakfast while the boys worked, and right at the time they finish with the sidewalks, I'd be serving a nice, warm meal for them.


So, the husband set the wheels in motion...
And then he left for work.

Thanks, honey.

Left me with the bleary-eyed pair of children.
Fortunately, one child had already built some character over the summer, so he went about his business quietly.

The other child, however, whined and pouted and threw himself on the floor numerous times.

It was almost humorous.
And since I'd had a full night's sleep, it was humorous... to me.

Because of all the posturing, Elder Son was dressed and shoveling long before Younger Son... which made Younger Son think Elder Son would just do all the work.



Long story short, there was some discussion over who did their fair share and someone had to go back outside and finish his job when he thought he was already done.

There was great wailing and gnashing of teeth.

But in the end, we had built some character.

(Of course it would have been much easier and much faster if the husband or I had just done the job ourselves, but you and I know that shoveling the sidewalk was not the chore that needed to be done this morning.)

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Richmond said...

Gah - I wish I'd thought of that!