Sunday, January 28, 2007

"Like your face?"

This morning over breakfast, the family got into a silly battle of wits which quickly escalated into gentle ribbing which immediately degenerated into outright insults.

"Okay, now," interrupted the husband. "That's not funny. Don't say things like that unless it's funny."

Replied Elder Son, "Like your face?"

And so help me, I burst out laughing!
It was THE funniest come-back line I'd ever heard.

I liked it so much that for the next 15 minutes, I tacked it onto the end of every sentence anyone said.
You know, like that game you play with fortune cookies: add the phrase "between the sheets" to whatever your fortune is.

"My cup is empty."
"Like your face?"

"I don't like these pants. They're too skinny."
"Like your face?"

Very soon I realized I was the only one still laughing at this.
Finally, the husband said, "Cut it out. That joke is getting old."


"Like your face?"


Anonymous said...

Oh ya, the face come back, kicks butt :) I have like 3 friends that find that funny, if they say, your crazy, the come back is, your face is crazy....ahhh...the life :) Glad someone else finds it funny like me, just watch though, some people you use it on, goes right over their heads.

wRitErsbLock said...

ha ha ha ha ha!

Mrs. Who said...


Richmond said...

Bahahahahaha.... I am soooo not telling the girls about this. :)

jaj said...

I woulda still been laughing...

StreetPizza said...

OMG -- That was so hilarious!