Wednesday, February 07, 2007

In search of a wedding

Many years ago, a dear friend invited me to a wedding.
It wasn't a date. He just didn't want to go alone.
(And if he happens to be reading this, I'd be interested to know if I am remembering this day correctly... or perhaps I should ask the waiter named Pete/Repeat...?)

So, we made an event of it.
Dressed up nice.
Oo'ed and ah'ed over each other.

And off we went to the wedding reception.

Except, he couldn't remember exactly where it was.
At the Elks Club.
Or Moose Lodge.

Dang, some animal with antlers.

We drove in circles around the city until I recognized a landmark.

"Stop here!" I said. "I used to date a guy who lived here. Maybe his mom and dad know where we're going."

And believe it or not, my friend agreed this was a good idea.

Anyway, after reintroducing myself to the parents of some old boyfriend, they guessed that we were looking for the Elks Lodge (or Moose, who remembers?), and they gave us helpful directions.

We were off again!

Finally, we found a giantanormous estate with an antlered animal on the sign!
We park, hurry in, and search for my friend's family eager to tell them about the goofy adventure we had getting there.

As we wade through the crowd of partiers, my friend starts to laugh.
"What?" I ask.
"Are we sure this is the Elks Lodge?" (or Moose, whatever)
I pause. "Not anymore. Why?"
"Because that's the wrong bride!"

We snickered our way out of the hall and back to the lobby where we learned there was a lower level in the building hosting another wedding reception... with the right bride.

Have you ever had so much fun getting lost? Twice?!?


Bou said...

Oh I have not personally, however a dear friend of mine went to the wrong church for a wedding and ended up sitting through a funeral! Heh.

StreetPizza said...

The Jackalope Lodge. They have antlers. Or was it the Eagles? It was some lodge that bore an animals name!

Direction? Who needs directions!

As we drove around I figured this lodge was as mythical as Never-Never Land, which also discribes our arrival time if Roses hadn't stopped for some type of directions. (NEVER!)

I do have a handicap -- I'm half Polish and cannot dance a polka! Enough said!

Roses said...

SP: Jackalope! Now that's funny!
I also remember you and your brother trying really hard to find some kind of alcohol that I would like. Rum and Coke? Blah!
(But for future reference, Malibu and pineapple juice.)

Roses said...

Bou: How does one sit through a funeral by mistake? Your friend must have been greeted at the door by a grieving relative... Oh! How awkward!