Wednesday, December 20, 2006

That Reminds Me of a Story...

I'd like to introduce you to a new group of posts.
Please welcome... That Reminds Me of a Story.
(They are rather shy, so don't be surprised if they only peek out a few at a time with long intervals between them.)

You see...
One of the reasons I started a blog is because I don't have an outlet for the funny at work.

Another reason I started a blog is that I thought maybe I would finally write some of the stories I'd been meaning to put on paper all my life.
Before I wanted to be a radio dj, I'd wanted to be an author. I hoped some of my stories would be interesting enough that someone would want to publish them. That's not so important to me anymore.
Mostly all I really want is for someone to think some of my stories are interesting enough to say, "Wow!"

Some Stories will be funny.
Some might be thought provoking.
Some might be kinda sad.
Some will probably make no sense at all to anyone but me. Those ones are very likely to be revised several times even after being posted, so if you didn't "get" the story the first time you read it, try it again a month or two later... I may have fixed it.
A lot of them will be stories that someone at one time or another has prefaced with, "Oh! Tell them about that time..." or stories that the husband has followed up with, "I know, you've told me that before."

But mostly, they're just for my own amusement.
And if you enjoy them as well, then, my friend, we have success!


Richmond said...

Looking forward to it!

And *tag* :)

Mrs_Who said...

Yay for stories! Even m-i-l stories!