Thursday, February 24, 2011


Quiet evening.
I'm watching TV in the livingroom.

Suddenly, there's a flash outside!
Like lightning.
But it's not storming.

But I keep watching TV since nothing else happens.

Moments later, I hear voices outside.
Two neighbors across the street are on the sidewalk talking. Pointing. Gesturing.
I figure they're talking about the flash, so I go outside to join them.

They tell me they've lost electricity.
But, at our house across the street, we haven't.

"Let me check something," says one man. And he walks through the yard of the house directly across the street from me and into the backyard. When he returns, he is grinning.
"Just as I thought!" he announces. "A squirrel got into the transformer."

"How do you know?"

"I found the squirrel on the ground. And it's still smoking."


Andy said...

Roses, this story makes me smile.

I mean, I'm sorry that the folks lost their power, but a dead squirrel is worth it.

I would have taken pictures of the roasted little tree rat, and put them on The Facebook.

Have I ever mentioned that I despise squirrels?

Dani said...

Yeesh there's a visual.

We once had half our power go out. It depended what part of which room we were in. No power in the Kitchen but I could still watch TV in the living room while I waited or the power company to get there.

vw bug said...

That was funny. And I like squirrels... still found it funny.

Miss Em said...


I've been fighting those gray furry tree-rats for over 7 years and now you tell me I can electricute them.

Now all I need is a really long extension cord, a flat metal pan to put the tiny tree-rat table in with one strapped to it.



[head tilted back..starring into the black nighted sky and]



it's dead! it's dead!


opps,,,did I go just a tad to far?


Miss Em

Mrs. Who said...

Miss are my soul sister. I hate those tree rats with their sadistically bad tail-perms...I actually scared one to death driving past it revving the engine in my who's gone too far?

Bob said...

I work for the power company, so I can verify that critters rank up there with trees and lightning as causes of power outages. In fact, squirrels are especially fond of building their nests on top of warm transformers in the winter. Once the nest is built, it's just a matter of time before the squirrel manages to place one appendage on the primary conductor and the other on the ground wire.

We keep records of what has cause outages and if squirrel-initiated disruptions recur we put "wildlife protection" on transformers, devices that make the transformer less inviting as a nesting site. I once asked a linemen if he ever couldn't figure out what cause the outage. His answer was the topic of one of my old posts.