Monday, December 11, 2006

Santa Stops Here *sigh*

** Caution: Santa secrets revealed here **

We had "the conversation" last night, Younger Son and I.

Last night, after the husband tucked him in, Younger son gestured for me to come closer.

He: (conspiratory whisper) On Christmas Eve, I want to help you put out the presents. Come get me. And I want to eat the cookie.

Internal voices: Uh oh. Is he saying what I think he's saying?

Me: Um. You mean you want to help Daddy and me put out our presents for you and your brother?

He: Yeah. Wake me up in the middle of the night when you do it.

Me: Actually, honey, we put all our presents out before we go to bed...

He: Oh.

Me: ... and then Santa comes while we're sleeping.

He: Uh huh. Well, this year, I want to eat the cookie.

Internal Voices: Play dumb! Play dumb!

Me: Um. But we all eat cookies on Christmas Eve. And drink hot chocolate. And watch the Christmas tree lights.

He: No. The cookie you leave out for Santa to eat. Can I eat it this year?

Me: But... it's for Santa.

This is where he layed on me THE most condescending look.

He: Oh, stop it.

I guess Santa's bringing socks and underwear this year.


Bou said...

This got a big laugh from me. Holy crap. That is great.

Roses said...

Oh, I forgot the P.S.!!!

The 9-year-old then wanted to know who had been eating the cookie all these years.

"Is it you?"
"Is it Father?"
"Hm. Is it the cat?"
"Yes! He's Santa Claws!"

sticks said...

Innocence is gone. He is no longer a "child".

vw bug said...

I dread that day. It is so nice saying "Be good" or I'll tell Santa. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I have one more that I hope still believes in Santa. She is 8 but the 3 older girls are not very good at keeping secrets. Sigh. ~Lemon Stand

Richmond said...

Uh oh. I fear that our days with santa are numbered as well.. :(

Bitterroot said...

I guess Santa's bringing socks and underwear this year."

Heh. You'll realize soon enough it's very liberating.


Tink said...

Guess it won't be long until the Princess starts questioning it. Already she has made some comments about a friend of her father's saying there is no Santa. It's bad enough when other kids do it, but an adult. Come on....