Saturday, December 02, 2006

The reviews are in!

Got an e-mail from a friend that absolutely made my day.
She said:

For some reason I just checked out your blog. I had it book marked, but since the first time you told me about it, I hadn't really clicked back. OMG! I was ready to pee in my pants laughing. No joke. I might have a weaker than average bladder, but I am serious, it was so funny.

I wish I had saved the first critique I'd gotten from a high school friend months ago.
He said I was spew-milk-out-your-nose funny...
Which, at the time, I thought was pretty cool!

But, making someone pee their pants, now THAT'S awesome!


Richmond said...

I just went, so no pants peein' for me. But I *do* think you are incredibly funny.... ;)

Lemon Stand said...

I was very proud of the "spewed coffee all over my computer keyboard" comment... :o)

Mrs_Who said...

The 'Depends' company needs more people like you to keep them in business!