Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Dang! This kid is too smart for me!

The husband and I like to quote Frank Barone* from Everybody Loves Raymond who once said, "I'd be fine if it weren't for people!"
We take it as meaning that we wouldn't have problems if it weren't for other people messing up our plans... like cutting us off in traffic... taking more than his/her share of donuts at work... or spilling milk on their last pair of clean pants right before school...


This morning was one of those mornings.
The Husband called me from work to see how I was doing because he knew I didn't sleep well last night. I told him that I'd be fine if it weren't for people... and for lack of sleep.
"Maybe if I combined the two, I'd get lack of people!" I exclaimed.
The husband laughed and wished me well.

When I sat back down to breakfast, Elder Son was thoughtfully chewing.
"You know," he said slowly, "If you did have a lack of people, that would mean there would be fewer people working, more work for you, and then even less sleep."

Don't make it so easy for me to decide which one of you should be one of the first ones to go, buster!


I found out after I wrote this that Peter Boyle, who played Frank Barone, died today.
God rest ye merry gentleman. God rest.


Richmond said...

Oh, that's too bad...

Freddie said...

Wow. What a weird cowinky-dink!

Bou said...

he was just such a great actor. I had no idea he had even been ill!